Economy mcqs#9

Economy mcqs#9 Q 1.Consider the following statements: Statement-I : In the post-pandemic recent past, many Central Banks worldwide had carried out interest rate hikes. Statement-II: Central Banks generally assume that they have the ability to counteract the rising consumer prices via monetary policy means Which of the following is correct in respect of the above … Read more

Economy mcqs#8

Economy mcqs#8 1. Consider the following statements: Statement-I: Interest income from the deposits in Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) distributed to their investors is exempted from tax, but the dividend is taxable. Statement-II: InviTs are recognized as borrowers under the ‘Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002’. Which one of … Read more

Economy mcqs#7

Economy mcqs#7 Q 1.To obtain full benefits of demographic dividend, what should India do?  a.Promoting skill development b. Introducing more social security schemes  c.Reducing infant mortality rate  d.Privatization of higher education Show Answer ans- a Q 2.A rise in general level of prices may be caused by an increase in the money supply a decrease … Read more

Economy mcqs#6

Economy mcqs#6 Q 1.The balance of payments of a country is a systematic record of a.all import and transactions of a during a given period normally a year  b.goods exported from a country during a year  c.economic transaction between the government of one country to another movements from one country to another Show Answer … Read more

Economy mcqs#5

Economy mcqs#5 Q 1.In India the overall Index of Industrial Production, the Indices of Eighth Core Industries have combined weight of 37.90%. Which of the following are among those Eight Core Industries? 1.Cement 2..Fertilizers 3.Natural Gas 4.Refinery products 5.Textiles Select the correct answer using the codes given below:  a.1 and 5 only  b.2, 3 and … Read more

Economy mcqs#4

Economy mcqs#4 Q 1.Consider the following statements: 1. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) exchange rates are calculated by comparing the prices of the same basket of goods and services in different countries 2. In terms of PPP dollars, India is the sixth largest economy in the world. Which of the statement given above is/are correct?  a.1 … Read more

Economy mcqs#3

Economy mcqs#3 Q 1.What was the purpose of Inter-Creditor Agreement signed by Indian banks and financial institutions recently?  a.To lessen the Government of India’s perennial burden of fiscal deficit and current account deficit.  b.To support the infrastructure projects of Central and State Governments  c.To act as independent regulator in case of application for loans of … Read more

Economy mcqs#1

Economy mcqs#1 Q 1.In India, the term “Public Key Infrastructure” is used in the context of  a.Digital security infrastructure  b.Food security infrastructure  c.Health care and education infrastructure  d.Telecommunication and transportation infrastructure Show Answer Ans – a Q 2.If another global financial crisis happens in the near future, which of the following actions/policies are most likely … Read more