Indian History mcqs#7

Indian History mcqs#7 Q 1.With reference to the Indian history of art and culture, consider the following pairs:Famous work of sculpture Site 1. A grand image of Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana with numerous celestial musicians above and the sorrowful figures of his followers below Ajanta 2. A huge image of Varaha Avatar (boar incarnation) of Vishnu, as … Read more

Indian History mcqs#6

Indian History mcqs#6 1. With reference to the history of philosophical thought in India, consider the following statements regarding Sankhya school: 1. Sankhya does not accept the theory of rebirth or transmigration of soul. 2. Sankhya holds that it is the self-knowledge that leads to liberation and not any exterior influence or agent. Which of … Read more

Indian History mcqs#5

Indian History mcqs#5 Q 1.The Nagara, the Dravida and the Visara are the a. three main racial groups of the Indian subcontinent.  b.Three main linguistic divisions in to which the languages of India can be classified  c.three main styles of Indian temple architecture  d.three main musical Gharanas prevalent in India Show Answer Ans – c … Read more

Indian History mcqs#4

Indian History mcqs#4 Q 1.Who among the following Mughal Emperors shifted emphasis from illustrated manuscripts to album and individual portrait?  a.Humayun  b.Akbar  c.Jahangir d. Shah Jahan Show Answer Ans -c Q 2.Which one of the following is not a Harappan site?  a.Chanhudaro b. Kot Diji  c.Sohgaura  d.Desalpur Show Answer Ans -c Q 3.With reference to … Read more

Indian History mcqs #3

Indian History mcqs #3 Q 1.With reference to the difference between the culture of Rigvedic Aryans and Indus Valley people, which of the following statements is/are correct? 1.Rigvedic Aryans used the coat of mail and helmet in warfare whereas the people of Indus Valley Civilization did not leave any evidence of using them. 2.Rigvedic Aryans … Read more

Indian History mcqs #2

Indian History mcqs #2 Q 1.Which of the following kingdoms were associated with the life of Buddha? 1. Avanti 2. Gandhara 3. Kosala 4. Magadha Select the correct answer using the code given below  a.1,2 and 3  b.2 and 3 only  c.1,3 and 4  d.3 and 4 only Show Answer Ans-d Q 2.Consider the following … Read more

Indian History mcqs #1

Indian History mcqs #1 Q 1.With reference to the history of ancient India, which of the following was/were common to both Buddhism and Jainism? 1. Avoidance of extremities of penance and enjoyment 2. Indifference to the authority of the Vedas 3. Denial of efficacy of rituals Select the correct answers using the codes given below. … Read more