International Booker Prize 2023 

            International Booker Prize 2023

Georgi Gospodinov and Angela Rodel have won the International Booker Prize 2023 for the novel Time Shelter.

Bulgarian author Angela Rodel has won the International Booker Prize. This award has been given to him for his novel “Time Shelter”. An amount of 50 thousand pounds is given in the International Booker Prize.

 Who is given the International Booker Prize?

The International Booker Prize is awarded to novelists whose novels have been translated into English. The award is one of two literary prizes awarded by the Booker Prize Foundation. In 2005, the International Booker Prize began under the name Man Booker International Prize and was awarded biennially until 2015. It is being given annually since 2016.

What is the theme of Time Shelter?

It envisions a clinic that recreates the past. This is a comic novel. Each floor in it shows a different decade.

Last year, the International Booker Prize was won by Indian author Gitanjali Shree and American translator Daisy Rockwell for “Tomb of Sand”.

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