MCQ SERIES-1 : paleolithic age

The Paleolithic Era

1.The Paleolithic Era is also known as the:

a) Stone Age

b) Iron Age

c) Bronze Age

d) Agricultural Age

2.The Paleolithic Era lasted approximately:

a) 500 years

b) 1,000 years

c) 10,000 years

d) 100,000 years

3.Paleolithic people were primarily:

a) Farmers

b) Hunters and gatherers

c) Nomadic traders

d) Metalworkers

4.Which of the following is a key characteristic of Paleolithic societies?

a) Development of written language

b) Advanced agricultural practices

c) Use of fire for cooking and warmth

d) Construction of permanent settlements

5.The Paleolithic people created tools primarily using:

a) Wood

b) Stone

c) Bronze

d) Iron

6.Cave paintings and rock art were important forms of expression during the Paleolithic Era. Which of the following regions is known for its famous cave paintings?

a) Europe

b) Asia

c) Africa

d) All of the above

7.Which of the following animals were commonly hunted by Paleolithic people?

a) Mammoths and saber-toothed tigers

b) Cows and pigs

c) Dogs and cats

d) Birds and fish

8.The Paleolithic Era ended with the onset of the:

a) Neolithic Revolution

b) Industrial Revolution

c) Renaissance

d) Modern Age

9.paleolithic societies lived in small groups called:

a) Tribes

b) Kingdoms

c) Cities

d) Empires

10.Which of the following is NOT a notable Paleolithic site?.

a) Lascaux Cave (France)

b) Altamira Cave (Spain)

c) Stonehenge (United Kingdom)

d) Giza Pyramids (Egypt)

Ans –

 1 a 2.d  3.b  4. c 5. b 6.d  7.a 8.a 9.a 10. d

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